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Bible Study & Prayer Groups

Bible Studies on Tuesday Morning

  • 7:00 am at Tacos & More—The appointed Scripture readings for the following weekend worship are used for topic of study. It is open to all members and friends of the congregation.  Please join them any time!
  • 10:30 am at Brookdale—The group is currently studying  The Greatest Story– Whether we are children or adults, we love to hear good stories.  We are shaped by our stories, and the stories we remember shape us.  The Bible has a story to tell as well.  It can be a pretty fascinating story in itself.  We will study the Bible from  Genesis through Revelation focusing on the key people, places, and events of scripture.  It will be shared in an easy-to-understand story with a study guide and video clip at the end of each session.   The group meets in the Family Dining Room; it is open to all members and friends of the congregation.   Deb Hammer leads this gathering on the first and third Thursdays.  Please join them any time!

OWL’s Bible Study

This study, led by Deb Hammer, is held once monthly on the third Thursday at 10:00 am in the multi-purpose room.

To foster and build understanding, respect and trust is a challenging and urgent task in our increasingly complex and global society.  Promoting peaceful-co-existence is a global priority in a world where the focus is often on fear.  Accepting each other’s religious expression brings us together as a community and creates a voice for a hopeful future.  

Tri-Faith Initiative in Omaha, Nebraska is meeting this challenge. The Tri-Faith Initiative is a synagogue, a mosque, and a Christian church located on a common piece of land, each with its own separate building. The religious partners are Temple Israel, the American Muslim Institute, and Countryside Community Church.  The goal of the Tri-Faith Initiative is to build bridges of respect, trust and acceptance between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

In January we began a study learning how the Tri-Faith Initiative came to be established.  We will take a look at the religious history of each faith.    In the fall of 2018, we hope to take a trip to the Tri-Faith Initiative and tour their facilities.

Prayer Chain

God encourages us to come to Him in prayer and make our requests known to Him.  This group shares the joys and concerns of members of our congregation and others in need and takes them to God with praise, thanksgiving, and petition.  You can express your faith and serve others by praying for their needs and for the needs of the church.  For more information or to start the Prayer Chain, please call Madge Bruflat (375-5171) or the church office (375-2899).

Prayer Partners

The focus of the Prayer Partners group is prayer: deepening our relationship with God through prayer, sharing prayer with others, extending prayers to our local & global communities, as well as providing opportunities to reflect upon the means & methods of prayer through study.  Prayer is a support beam in our spiritual life, but do we know what that means?  Come and ask questions in the safe environment of Prayer Partners.

Home > Ministry > Bible Study and Prayer