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Fellowship and Caring

There are so many opportunities for those gifted for service to help those less fortunate and demonstrate God’s love to them. Our Savior’s Mission Team has had opportunity to serve others in a wide variety of ways. Members have traveled North, South, East and West to take on projects, as well as serving in our own area.

Mission trips provide a wonderful opportunity to serve, have fellowship and grow together in Jesus Christ. In 2014 the team headed back to Lutheran Lakeside Camp near Okaboji, IA. However, when tornadoes struck northeast Nebraska their first night there, the team returned home to help out members and friends of the congregation who’s homes had been damaged!

Trips since then:

2015-Lutheran Lakeside Camp near Spirit Lake IA
2016-Glad Tidings Bible Camp near Bloomfield NE
2017-Lutheran Lakeside Camp near Spirit Lake IA
2018-Lutheran Lakeside Camp near Spirit Lake IA
2020-cancelled due to Covid-19

Caring Cooks

Caring Cooks is a small group ministry that prepares and delivers meals to people from the congregation with a special need. Our first priority is delivering a meal to the parents of new born babies. The main core people make contacts and deliver the meal. We also have a support group that makes a salad and/or desert to supplement the meal. Keep in mind that we usually do at least two families at a time when possible so that we can divide a salad and/or desert and make only one call for support. Compassion, concern and caring bring us to your door so that you may be fed both body and soul, and feel our Christian love is our mission. We also support Charity Circle in working with the Pies-4-You project each year. The congregational support received for this project is very much appreciated. We couldn’t do this project without you.

Co-Co Ministry

COllege COnnections Ministry is a group of women who make cards for our college students and those in the military as well as WSC students who attend worship at OSLC. This year we sent out cards for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thinking of you, Thanksgiving, Birthday, and a Christmas card and care package. Thank you to everyone that brings items needed for the Care packages. We invite anyone who likes to make cards or who would like to help us to please join us.

Women Who Love to Talk – and Eat

Women Who Love to Talk – and Eat is a group of women who gather for dinner at Tacos & More on the first Thursday of each month at 6pm. This is an opportunity for just us women to share in conversation, relaxation, and fun. Please join us for a ladies night out!

Home > Ministry > Fellowship and Caring