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SPARK and Confirmation


Our Savior Lutheran Church has a unique and inclusive way of providing Christian Education for our youth (Prekindergarten to Grade 5). On Wednesday evenings we gather for SPARK! It is called SPARK because we hope to SPARK interest in the Bible, our church and the Light of Jesus! SPARK is led by several committed congregational members and the parents of all children who attend. All parents of eligible children are invited to attend and we require at least one adult to accompany younger children (Prekindergarten). SPARK allows us to follow the OSLC Mission: That all may know Christ, grow in Christ and joyfully go with Christ.

The SPARK Schedule is as follows:
6:30-6:50pm Opening for ages 3-5th grade, share news from the week, celebrate birthdays, opening prayer
6:50-7:30pm Craft/Activity and lesson

All children in PreK to 5th grade are welcome. Children 3 years and younger are also welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. Guardians are required to fill out a “Contact form” on the first night that their child attends.

We are always looking for committed adults who would like to support this ministry. Please contact Kris Robinson with your name and number so that someone may contact you.


Confirmation classes for grades 6-7 meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm at the Front Porch Youth Center. 8th grade confirmation meets with their mentors on their own schedule.

Home > Ministry > SPARK and Confirmation