Our ministry in Wayne and the surrounding area is sharing the good news about God in the manner and method that same good news about God as was shared by Jesus. We don’t measure up, but the Holy Spirit continues to encourage us, lead us, in the right pathways of grace and mercy.

Worship is central to achieving our mission. We worship at 5:30pm each Saturday night and at 10am each Sunday morning. We are a community of believers called by the Holy Spirit to gather to hear the preaching of the Gospel and to share in the holy sacraments instituted by Christ himself. Through God’s presence, the music, the praise, the listening, the learning, the praying, the cleansing, the giving, the fellowship and the resulting inspiration, we are called to leave worship to witness and to serve in his name.

With God’s help Our Savior Lutheran Church will continue to serve its members and reach out to those in need. We are a congregation that believes in our mission: That all may Know Christ, Grow in Christ and joyfully Go with Christ.

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