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Our Mission Statement: That all may know Christ, grow in Christ, and joyfully go with Christ.

As noted by Rick Warren in his book, The Purpose Driven Church, God calls us to grow in five ways:

  • Warmer through fellowship
  • Deeper through discipleship
  • Stronger through worship
  • Broader through ministry
  • Larger through evangelism

Because God has graced us through Jesus Christ:

  • We believe we receive God’s love and proclaim God’s love for all people.
  • We believe we experience God’s presence among us as we live in community with one another.
  • We believe the Holy Spirit is alive in us in worship and in daily life.
  • We believe in helping people discover, develop, and use their spiritual gifts to glorify God and to serve others.
  • We believe in relevant Biblical teaching that enables spiritual growth and transforms lives.
  • We believe in the stewardship of God’s gifts of time, talents, and possessions.

Worship is central to achieving our  mission.  We are a community of believers called by the Holy Spirit to gather to hear the preaching of the Gospel and to share in the holy sacraments instituted by Christ himself.  Through God’s presence, the music, the praise, the listening, the learning, the praying, the cleansing, the giving, the fellowship and the resulting inspiration, we are called to leave worship to witness and to serve in His name.

Home > About > Mission