Our Savior Lutheran Church welcomes all who are looking for a place to belong in Faith.

The Church community here at Our Savior is made up of many different people, from all walks of life, united in a desire to share Christ’s love. If you are interested in becoming a member or curious about the programs our Church offers, our website is designed to answer many of the questions you might have. We are always excited to talk to potential members, however, so if you’d simply like to talk to someone here at Our Savior, please fill out our contact form and someone will reach out to you soon!

Finding a community in Christ is a Blessing!

At Our Savior, we are dedicated to providing a welcoming experience for anyone who is looking for a Christ-centered community. We hope you’ll join us as we grow in our Faith, and thrive together in God’s word!

Join us

We’re growing in Christ, together, and we’d love for you to be a part of that.

At Our Savior, we welcome anyone looking for a relationship with Christ, no matter where you’ve been on your journey.

As a congregation, we look forward to gathering, growing, and going out into the world to spread God’s message. We hope you’ll join us!

Come Together

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