Weddings at Our Savior Lutheran Church

Be devoted to one another in love. (Romans 12:10)

A wedding is truly something to celebrate! Here at Our Savior, we believe marriage is a gift given to us by God, and a way to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ alongside a lifelong partner in Faith. This is why we center Christ in all of the wedding ceremonies we host. 

At our Church, we help couples plan wedding ceremonies that are personalized to their particular relationships and preferences, but with God’s love at the heart of it. At Our Savior a wedding ceremony is a worship service in celebration of your marriage. 

Our Savior, along with the ELCA,  believes in marriage equality. So long as a monogamous, committed, lifelong relationship is your goal, we welcome you to be married here, whether you are a member or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marriage License, Witnesses, and Signing

At Our Savior, we follow the guidelines listed by the State of Nebraska and Wayne County, which require you to bring your marriage license to the Church, where you will give it to the officiating pastor. Your wedding will not take place without your marriage license. The license will be signed directly after the recessional, and witnesses must be 18 years or older. 


Fees for weddings vary. Members of OSLC have certain fees waved. (Members and non-members alike are responsible for professional fees listed.)

If neither the bride, bridegroom, nor their immediate family is an active member of Our Savior Lutheran Church, we request the following fees for building use:

  • Wedding Only: $150
  • Rehearsal & Wedding:$250
  • Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner & Wedding: $300
  • DEPOSIT required at the time of scheduling:$75

Building fees are for the general expense of maintaining our church property.

If you desire to hold your rehearsal dinner in the church social room, please contact the church office to make arrangements.

Professional fees for custodial services, the musician(s), sound technician, projectionist, wedding coordinator and pastor are outlined below. We ask that the professional fees and other church fees be paid before rehearsal begins. One check to cover all fees can be made out to the church.

Custodial Services & Supplies

  • Wedding:$40 (Member), $75 (Non-Member)
  • Rehearsal and Wedding: $50 (member), $100 (Non-Member)
  • Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding: $75 (Member), $150 (Non-Member)

Organist/Pianist to be determined

  • Sound Technician: $50 (Member), $75 (Non-Member)
  • Projection Technician: $30 (Member), $50 (Non-Member)
  • Pastor: $150 (Member), $300 (Non-Member)
Pastoral Meetings & Pre-Marriage Counseling

It is the practice at Our Savior Lutheran Church for the officiating pastor to meet with couples before their wedding day. The initial visit provides the pastor and the couple an opportunity to get to know each other and discuss the multitude of questions couples often have when planning a wedding. The subsequent pastoral meeting takes place a month or two before the wedding. At this meeting, the order of service is finalized, the rehearsal is scheduled, and last-minute questions are covered. Couples may fulfill their pre-marriage counseling requirement in a small variety of ways, and we encourage you to contact us to discuss this further!

To ask about date availability, or any other questions about holding a wedding at Our Savior Lutheran Church, please call (402) 375-2899 or fill out the form.

Wedding Application

We’re growing in Christ, together, and we’d love for you to be a part of that.

At Our Savior, we welcome anyone looking for a relationship with Christ, no matter where you’ve been on your journey.

As a congregation, we look forward to gathering, growing, and going out into the world to spread God’s message. We hope you’ll join us!

Come Together

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